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The Original Grant House - Built in 1880

 The Grant House

        Hotel & Eatery       80 West 4th Street Rush City, Minnesota 55069       (320) 358-3661 Main      (320) 358-3321 Fax
The Grant House - Built in 1896
The Historic Grant House
  The Grant House Hotel and Eatery is a historic site located in the town of Rush City, Minnesota, approximately 55 mile north of the Twin Cities. The Grant House Restaurant is open daily and features a variety of home cooked meals for lunch and dinner. The menu includes burgers, steaks, and desserts, and much more. The hotel rooms have been renovated to the era of the 1800’s, including the original claw foot tubs and pedestal sinks. All of the rooms have been furnished with today’s amenities to make your stay comfortable while you enjoy the nostalgia of times passed.
  In addition to the restaurant and hotel, The Grant House also provides other services within the community. These services include catering at our site or yours. Our chefs make specialty cakes and desserts. The Grant House also offers  plenty of space for crafting or church groups, group meetings, and weddings. An outdoor patio is available to accommodate gatherings on the nicest of days.
Relax on the front porch at The Grant House Room One
  As with most historic sites, stories of the past emerge on a regular basis and are generally written in books or within the minds of those who have encountered events of that time. We invite you to visit our history page to experience a story or two. The staff at The Grant House is also familiar with the history and look forward to sharing more information of times past, should you inquire. For those of you who share an interest in the paranormal events, our web site has also accommodated your interest with information and findings from a series of investigations performed by a local paranormal team. We look forward to meeting other paranormal enthusiasts and are willing to discuss other perspectives regarding this issue. We do invite you to inquire about these findings from our staff or feel free to contact the members of the paranormal team listed on our paranormal page.
  We welcome you to The Grant House Hotel & Eatery, come reminisce in the times of the 1800’s, in our restaurant, our hotel rooms, our memorable stories, and in our history.
Please contact us for pricing and availability at (320)358-3661. You may also reach us via e-mail at thegranthousehotel@aol.com
           Restaurant Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 8:00pm           Friday 7:00am - 9:00pm          Saturday 7:00am - 9:00pm           Sunday 7:00am - 3:00pm